Choosing The Best Running Shoes For Women

sneakers photoThere are a lot of running shoes for women on the market which can make it hard to determine what to buy. When it comes to choosing the best running shoes for women, you need to consider certain points. These points will ensure that you buy the running shoe that is right for you.

Look At How You Run

The first point to consider when looking at running shoes for women is how you actually run. To determine this, you need to look at the wear pattern on your old shoes. Different wear patterns show that you need certain types of shoes.sneaker fashion photo

If the wear pattern is centered on the ball of the foot and the heel, your foot is moving inward when it hits the ground. This is a normal wear pattern and a sign of efficient runners. Most running shoes will work for people who have this pattern.

If the inside edge of your shoe has more wear than anywhere else you have an exaggerated inward roll when you run. This is a common issue that affects the majority of runners, but leaves the risk of injury. You will need to look at running shoes that offer motion control or additional stability.

The last wear pattern to look for will be when the outer edge of the show has more wear. This is an outward roll of the foot which results in insufficient impact reduction when your foot hits the ground. You will need to get running shoes that have additional cushioning and flexibility.sneaker fashion photo

Know The Parts Of The Shoes

When it comes to choosing the best running shoe, you need to know the different parts of the shoes. The shoe upper should be waterproof and breathable. This will keep your feet dry in most wet environments and ensure that they are at a comfortable temperature. Uppers made from nylon and mesh will be ideal because they decrease the weight of the shoes.

The midsole is the cushioning and stability later of the shoe. You need to consider the level of cushioning that you want with the midsole and choose accordingly. More cushioning is generally considered to be better.

The outsole is the last point to consider and you need to look at where you will be running. Carbon rubber is best for road shoes while blown rubber will be better for the forefoot. If you run on trails, you should look at all carbon rubber outsoles as they are stronger and more durable.sneakers photo

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